August 14, 2022


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Monday Market Update

Welcome to the first Monday market update! On Mondays I will be doing a quick overview of the crypto market and sentiment that I notice on the twitter sphere.

BTC is currently up .44% showing a strong sideways movement from the spike we had up from the 4500 range. Support seems to be holding and time will tell if we stay in this range or make a move up or down however most expect a little pull back, Possibly to $4900 range (not financial advise).

LTC is also up .08% after a decent pull back from the $90 range LTC is sitting comfortably at $76.81. I expect another small spike up back to the $90 range in the future. Could be days, could be weeks.

ETH has had almost no buzz lately outside of Vitalik being sued by Craig Wright over his claims of being Satoshi. Still, ETH is holding with a current change of .44% on the daily.

BAT had an incredible run over the last week. With spikes up from 29 cents all the way up to 46 cents in less than 7 days. BAT is a tolken that has great potential and the market seems to agree. With that said however, after a big run like that we have some big pull back of -8.16%

Your biggest gainers (according to

Atomic Wallet Coin – 514.61%
QuadrantProtocol – 293.46%
Bitcoin File – 274.57%
Solve – 153.73%
WABnetwork – 144.84%

Your biggest losers:

Robocalls – -67.82%
Centercoin – -65.54%
Profile Utility Token – -39.12%
FSBT API Token – -38.16%
Bezant – -27.12%

BTC Dominance is at 52.5%