October 26, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

BAT Man oh Man!

BAT, or Basic Attention Token is based on one simple concept. You should be paid for your attention. The idea is, when you visit a site and see a video ad or an ad banner you earn a little bit of BAT and can in turn tip sites some BAT if you like. The system uses the Brave browser, a chromium based browser that enables the system that BAT runs on to be distributed between Uphold wallets. Currently Brave does not have the get paid for ads portion of their road map implemented but promise it is coming soon. They do how ever have links for creators to earn BAT from users they refer to the browser and general users are offered bounties from time to time to earn BAT that can be used to tip sites.

Brave browser is not only built on the idea of you getting paid for your time but is also built on the idea that your time is valuable. It has a built in ad and pop up blocker that seems to work very well. Its lightweight and built for browser speed while having access to the tip and attention system.

If the browsers sound does that mean the market value is good? So far from what I can tell it has the capacity to be a heavy hitter. Most people who were polled believe that BAT will never be a top 10 coin, however, I believe if Brave can execute (and so far they have) then BAT might be able to come close if not make top 10 some day. With prices bouncing between $.41 and $.45 some people are calling $1 this year or close to it. (Although I have no idea and that’s not financial advice.)

UPDATE: Well, in less that 24 hours of this post brave seems to be delivering on their ad opt in program allowing users to earn bat from viewing ads. For more details check out this article on coindesk. https://www.coindesk.com/view-ads-get-bat-brave-delivers-on-ico-promise-of-paid-web-browsing