October 26, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Google and Their Failures

Google, whose parent company is alphabet, is no stranger to failed products and with the launch of the galaxy fold being delayed due to screens cracking it looks like this $1000 + phone will be added to the list of their failures. If anything this serves as lesson to all that you can fail and still be successful. With that said I wanted to take a look at some of their products that failed and touch briefly on why they failed or why I think they failed.

Google Glass – Although google glass is a hit with high end 3d designers as it can help them see a final product before it goes out for production the everyday person just didn’t want the product. Most found it unfashionable and awkward to use. There has been 1 update to the product in the last few years.

Allo – Allow allowed users to send text messages via browser. Google opted to go with messages.android.com earlier this year and killed allow. They are practically the same product but I believe allo was just bad branding that they wanted to move away from.

Galaxy 6 – The galaxy 6 wasn’t exactly a failure but wasn’t as well received as their other Galaxy products. Some of the reasons include quick turn around to the popular s7 and lack of storage expansion.

Google + – Wanting to get in on the social media boom of the mid to late 2000’s Google launched Google + which automatically signed you up with your Google account. They made it easy to use and user friendly but with the giant that is Facebook and Twitter they never had a chance.

There is a whole grave yard of failed products and it looks like the fold may end up with its fallen brothers. At least it will have some company in the great tech beyond!