October 26, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Monday Market Update

Good Monday morning readers! We hope the weekend brought profits, rest, and renewal for all. Lets dive in to some of the charts and review last weeks biggest winners and losers.

BTC – Currently at a -0.25% change in the daily sitting at $5281 the OG Bitcoin seems to be leveling out getting ready for another drop down or the hopeful spike back up to continue the bull run. Are bears back in town or are we seeing pull back due to resistance? General vibe on twitter could indicate either.

LTC – Currently at -3.19% on the daily and sitting at $69.54 Litecoin seems to have lost some steam. Dropping from about $90 at its high for the year. Litecoin, still up from the high $20s we saw earlier this year is still one of the better preforming crypto currencies.

ETH – Sitting at -1.33% loss and $156 per coin ETH from a community support stand point is rallying. The charts how ever show some sideways movement.

BNB – One of the more exciting coins out currently due to the launch of thier main net is sitting with -2.4% change worth $22.39. Binance has show that there are still plenty of use cases for crypto tech and that that can be a big player in the game for more than just trading fees.

Top Crypto Winners –
Evimeria (EVI) – 187.98%
Alpha Token (A) – 146.47%
CasinoCoin (CSC) – 141.67%
Flexacoin (FXC) – 124.89%
Soma (SCT) – 124.08%

Top Crypto Losers –
Digitex Futures (DGTX) – -65.16%
MMOCoin (MMO) – -53.20%
Phantasma (SOUL) – -52.93%
ICOBay (IBT) – -50.76%
RoboCalls (RC20) – -49.05%

Have an awesome week full of gains! BTC dominance is 54.7%