October 25, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Coin of the Month: BNB

With April over and May kicking off to a slow start lets take some time to talk about one of last months better preforming coins. Binance coin!

BNB was introduced along side Binance as a form of paying for trading fees on the site, however, their plans for the currency go far beyond paying for fees on only their site. Originally on the
Ethereum network they have since launched to their main net.

Although BNB only use when it first launch was to hodl or use for trading fees you can now use it for a multitude of different services from loan collateral to travel. BNB is also now supported by many different wallets off of Binances exchange including my personal favorite Exodus.

What about price? BNB so far has been one of the best preforming main coins of 2019. Starting the year at about $6 in value the price as of this posting is $22.24 which isn’t even the most impressive gain from BNB. If you where one of the few who held on from the beginning you could have gotten in for 9 cents. That’s right, according to coin market cap the all time low from when it launched is $0.096109 USD (Aug 01, 2017) and the all time high from from last month was $25.54. That’s insane gains!

Changpeng Zhao (also known as CZ Binance on twitter) not only has a clear path for Binance but also BNB and there is no telling how high this could go. I doubt it will ever take over Bitcoin but it is definitely a solid project from a solid group.