October 26, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Breaking: Who is Satoshi?

I recently learned of a site that promises to unveil the identiy of the great creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi is the definitive point for which bitcoin was created. I can’t say person because the truth is no one knows with 100% certainty if Satoshi is Male or Female, one person or a group of people.

Craig Wright famously claims to be Satoshi but has has trouble backing up his claim and is currently suing anyone who doubts his claim. While I do doubt he is Satoshi I also admit it is possible that Craig is Satoshi or part of the team that makes him Satoshi. The 2 key reasons people do not believe he is Satoshi is one he is unable to produce a transaction from the genesis block or any block before 9 and hes a bit of a dick. While those two things may support him not being Satoshi they also don’t disprove that he is not.

The domain in question https://gotsatoshi.com/ was purchased through godaddy and the registration is private using a domain proxy in order to hide their identity. With that said it is hard to know for certain who owns the domain and who is ousting Satoshi. I have a few ideas though.

It could be Craig or his partner Calvin in an attempt to solidify Craig claim. However this is unlikely as the truth always comes out and if it was found out that is the case any credibility they do have would be squashed and no one in their right mind would trust their projects. So, although possible, I doubt this is the case.

It could be owned by John McAfee as he has vowed to unmask Satoshi but backed down after talking with him allegedly. This seems likely but also may not be the case.

It could also be Satoshi himself sick of all the in fighting in the crypto community and coming back to bring guidance to the crypto world.

Or, more likely its a hoax, but, in 11 days we will find out.