October 26, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Monday Market Update

A wonderful Monday to everyone. Lets talk market.

BTC – Was a great week for BTC as we continue the trend upward. While BTC is down about 1.5% today its up overall for the week.

LTC – Also seems to be back on the uptrend as it struggles to make its way to the $100 mark. Currently at about $73 a small step up from the high 60’s we saw last week

BNB – Binance coin seems to have lost some steam. Hitting the $25 mark at its high it has been trading between $20 and $24 for a couple weeks now.

ETH – Currently up at the $163 mark but with no real moment seems to be continuing its mostly sideways trend.

Top Gainers for the week :
ERC 20: 253.31%
InvestDigital: 60.95%
Agrello: 55.48%
XBX : 53.25%
Everex: 29.60%

Top Losers for the week:
CyberVein: 22.84%
Cointorox: 21.55%
GMB: 21.55%
HorusPay: 21.47%
Spectrum: 19.68%

BTC is at 55.8% dominance. Have a profitable week!