October 26, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Trash Panda Bandit

A story has been breaking on Twitter over the last few days and it all starts with a raccoon. Yes, you read that right, a trash panda. The trash panda in question is named “Randy” or at least that’s what he goes by. Randy has been on Twitter for quite a while and mostly trash talks and posts charts (usually fairly accurate predictions) like most accounts do. This isn’t really a big deal but then he started offering “Hedge Funds” for inexperienced traders to have a better advantage in making gains.

He was asking for a minimum of .5 BTC in value to “hedge” your funds and make you more bitcoin but it seems to be a nothing more than another scam on Twitter.

The first red flag is the fact that he uses a trash panda as his alias and provides no information about himself other than his name may be Randy. While this could be easily rectified via the chats with potential clients doing the due diligence it’s still a huge risk even if you know the persons home address as international laws make it hard to prosecute outside of your home country depending on where the scammer is. For example, if you were a victim of the Nigerian prince scam, the US has no embassy in Nigeria and thus has 0 jurisdictions there, so if you sent money it’s gone.

Can they get their money back? Socal_Crypto intends to find out and is currently trying to track the Raccoon down to answer for his alleged crime but could not comment on the status of the investigation. If the trash panda account is correct he is in the Netherlands and it may be hard to recoup but not impossible.

Mike Dipalermo and his brother are the ones in question who gave the trash panda their money in good faith. They saw what they thought were witness testimonials (most likely fake accounts to give the illusion of authenticity) and were only initially trying to learn how to use margins to gain more crypto. The trash panda smooth talked them into just letting him manage it for them as he has access to BitMex as it is not available in the US without the use of a VPN (which is risky as they could freeze your account if they ever figured out you are in the US). In total, they lost around $32000 USD or about 51000 XRP (the currency they transferred to the panda).

The trash panda could not be reached for comment as locked his account and un-followed me. He did make a statement however that I was able to get before the account was locked. See below.

He claims that anyone who is complaining is lying and has given all crypto back however according to our sources this is untrue. Also, considering he has locked his account and seems to be going into hiding this is another red flag that he is nothing more than another scammer. Of course the exchange won’t reverse the funds without a court order so currently the brothers are at a 30k+ loss and will be contacting the FBI for further investigation.

My final thought is to remind everyone to be safe and never let someone else control your money. Its one thing to pay someone for help learning and managing but do not let them have access to the actual funds. Be careful and have safe profitable trading!

UPDATE: Randy account seems to be unlocked and followed. I will be attempting to reach him for comment later in the day.