December 6, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Monday Market Update : On a Tuesday!

Typically our weekly market updates are done on Mondays, however, with this being a small blog family comes first and thus I was dealing with a family matter. So, lets dive in!

BTC – Holding firm around the 8k mark Bitcoin seems to be back on top and back in a bullish form.

ETH – Currently up 1.28% has been surpassing Bitcoins lead and making decent gains the last few weeks.

LTC – Bitcoins little brother has been holding firm above $85 (currently in at $91.25) seems to be having trouble staying over the $100 mark. With that said it is down a tad today but making good leaps up every week lately.

TRX – Tron seems to be doing decent today, up almost 5%. Overall Tron has been kind of stagnate not making huge gains or losses as of late.

Top Gainers:
SPEC 847.63%
MATIC 289.80%
VNX 204.70%
FTI 200.85%
SSP 178.49%

Biggest Losers:
BPT 91.13%
XBX 63.39%
OLXA 59.38%
GBT 48.06%
ERC20 44.34%

BTC Dominance is 56.8%