August 14, 2022


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Satoshi? Who Cares?

Craig Wright has recently filed patents in the US for the Bitcoin whitepaper and the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto in an attempt to squash the nay sayers who do not believe him to be Satoshi, but, who the fuck cares?

Here is the big thing, Satoshi is a pseudonym created for a few purposes. One, to keep the original Bitcoin team a secrete so there is not one all see all God of Bitcoin. Bitcoin was not meant to be a corporation and rather a fully public and democratic system where anyone can access it and those who are supporting it via mining have the say in the direction that it goes. Making claims that you are Satoshi nullifies this and gives Bitcoin the “God” it never needed in the first place.

Secondly, why now? Craig claimed in the past he was shy but a basic look at his character and constant cries for attention via social media and traditional medias paints another story. Now this is mostly conjecture based off what I see as I do not know Craig, but in my experience, people don’t go from introvert to extrovert for no reason.

So why would an introverted programmer with several doctorates be so concerned about who created Bitcoin? Simple really, to promote his own projects, currently Bitcoin Satoshi Vision. By claiming that he is the one and only satoshi he can further push the narrative that his version of Bitcoin is the one true Bitcoin (sorry, it’s not. Bitcoin is Bitcoin and Bitcoin SV is a fork of Bitcoin Cash also not Bitcoin). This of course pisses off maximalists and hardcore crypto enthusiasts like myself as we all know that there can only be one OG Bitcoin and that is Bitcoin (BTC). For the majority of us it only feels like another shill when you come out (almost a decade later) and claim you are the father of modern currency.

What if he really is Satoshi though? Again, no one cares! The crypto community would have embraced SV with open arms if the narritive (and this goes for BCH also) was along the lines of:

Hi, I’m Craig, I helped created the original Bitcoin and am part of the Satoshi team. I believe that this new currency I created is closer to our original vision that has become lost in Bitcoin due to unforeseen scalability issues and in fighting among the mining communities. We have faster transactions and if we keep striving we can be better than the rest of the crypto market in terms of scalability and adaptability!

See, That sounds way better than:

I’m Satoshi, and if you don’t fucking believe me I’m going to fucking sue you because I have a billion fucking dollars and your just a piss ant. (Not his words but probably pretty close based off some of the interviews I’ve seen with him. )

At the end of the day, Craig fucked himself in my mind. The majority of the crypto community already agrees his actions have gone to far and thus his coin has been removed from several exchanges and losing support. No one cares if you are or are not Satoshi. We care that you have a shit attitude and no respect of others in the crypto space. We also don’t really care who Satoshi is. Part of the fun is the mystery. It’s like recovering treasure from an unknown sunken wreck, so stop trying to piss in our cheerios Craig!