August 14, 2022


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Monday Market Update: The Late Edition

Happy Memorial Day to all! I thank those who have lost their lives protecting our freedom and those who served or are serving. A joyous day today is as Bitcoin spikes close to 9k (over 9000 memes incoming!) Most are speculating that BTC will hit 10k by June but never underestimate pullback. OK, lets get into it!

BTC – Spiking near 9k today BTC is sitting at $8809.60 a 1.42% increase from yesterday the BTC train seems to be going non stop to the leg up. Bears are getting crushed and hodling is paying off!

LTC – Also having a great week climbing past the $100 mark it is currently sitting at $117.60 a 5.5% increase! The LTC rocket seems to be taking off!

ETH – Sticking with BTC trend ETH is up 1.73% sitting at $272.26

BNB – After a huge run up after trading reopened BNB is down a bit today sitting at $34.01 with a -.95% decrease from yesterday.

Top Gainers:
THX – 622.48%
SOP – 279.36%
XBASE – 192.11%
OLXA – 189.93%
ABYSS – 169.93%

Top Losers :
POSS – 67.16%
JWL – 66.93%
MFTU – 66.19%
SPEC – 56.85%
HBX – 56.80%

BTC Dominance is at 56.7%. Have a profitable week everyone and stay tuned for a special give away coming up soon!