August 14, 2022


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Pay With Litecoin: Bronx Deli Pontiac MI

About a month ago I was invited by @jasonmack99 to join him for lunch to talk about and spend some litecoin at the Bronx Deli in Pontiac Michigan. For those that do not know, I work about 10 minutes away from this restaurant and truth be told, until yesterday, I had never been. Like myself. Jmack also invited @CustCarptry  (Mitch) of @cryptocampfire podcast to join. I have a lot to cover so strap in for what was a great hour of my life.


I arrived about 2:45 p.m. and Jmack was held up a bit by traffic. We have a saying in Michigan. There are really only two season, winter and construction. I was greeted by Mitch who arrived before Jmack and we chatted about how we both got in around the same time and watched the market crash into the bear market we are starting to exit from now. We talked a bit about his podcast @cryptocampfire and how cool it was they landed Janice and John (the correct order according to John) McAfee on their 5th episode. After some chit chat we headed inside to continue our conversation and grab a beer.

The Bronx Deli:

When we headed inside you could see very clearly that the deli was not your average meh hole in the wall bar. The place shined, had a fun feel, and although small felt grand. The beer selection is nice but mostly beers you would expect at bar, nothing super fancy or over the top, which is fine. The food was excellent! The service was fantastic and overall the place just had a great friendly atmosphere. The best thing however is they let you pay in Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum.

Chit Chat:

Mitch and I chatted for about 5 or 10 minutes before Jmack arrived and continued the conversation after he arrived. The main topic: Litecoin of course. Mitch had on a Satoshi Lite beer parody shirt and Jmack was rockin some awesome Litecoin gear himself. I had work clothes on still.

The main topic was adoption and what we could do to help spread it and why it might not be spreading as fast as most people expect. Well, the main reason is Bitcoin, Litecoin and most cryptocurrencies are decentralized and thus are not a corporation with a marketing division. This means adoption and marketing happens from people like us who talk about it, a lot! Asking places “do you accept bitcoin or litecoin” is the best way to start the conversation. If interested then we can let owners know the benefits of paying with crypto like fast transactions that do not need a 3rd party to verify/send the transaction from bank A to bank B which results in much lower fees. We talked a bit about how lots of owners believe they are stuck with crypto they can not use when in fact there are services that will convert that sale to fiat at the moment of purchases thus minimizing the risk of a market dump. The big thing, I think, is to start the conversation and point them in the direction of knowledge sources like the Litecoin Foundation.

One other thing we talked about, outside of basic small talk and what I’ve already mentioned, is a possible Litecoin party in the not too distant future. The idea is basically, have a party, promote Litecoin/crypto at the same time. Not too many details right no nor is this set in stone but if/when it does happen you can count me there!

Paid With Litecoin:

There were only two things that sucked yesterday, the fact that I had to leave at 4 to pick my wife up from work (love you baby!) and my cell service. Now, this is the first time I’ve had an issue with my service so I’m not going to bash my provider but want to explain why I did have a small issue paying. The QR code they had for some reason was putting “Litecoin:” in front of the address which I didn’t notice the first few tries, that obviously caused an issue. Then my cell service was having trouble to connect which was issue number 2. Once we got that resolved everything worked as you would expect. It was fast, cheap, and easy. Just scan the QR and done. I feel as my issue was on par with the a sites credit card machine going down or the strip on my card being worn. At the end of the day you still have to have internet service to transfer and that can be an issue in backwater locations with no free wifi, but same could be said about credit/debit. It was way easier than google pay or samsung pay! (They need a crypto option!)

Another thing I want to mention that kind of speaks to market trend is around 2015-2017 they had daily Litecoin users (according to Jmack) and from my conversation with the server I was the first person in over a year to pay in Litecoin. I think i’ll need to make this a regular thing. Maybe spend some once a month or so.


To conclude adoption is happening. More and more brick and mortar are starting to see the potential and it’s up to YOU and ME to spread adoption. There is no marketing firm, we are the marketing firm. With advancements in POS systems there is almost no reason for places to not accept crypto.

Also make sure to follow both Jmack and Mitch on twitter and check out the Crypto Camp Fire podcast. I started listening yesterday and so far I like the show! Expect a separate article on that later.

OH! And have an amazing weekend!