December 6, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

To VPN or Not to VPN? That is the question!

VPN’s (Virtual Private Network) are a great way to add privacy to your browsing experience. I will try not to get to technical here but basically a VPN creates a secure tunnel to mask your IP and spoof you in another location as if you where physically there. As an aspiring network admin I could go much further but I don’t want to jargon up the post.

Recently Binance has started to warn its DEX users that margin trading will not be available in several countries including the US. This has sparked a call for use of VPN’s but using a VPN is still risky. If for any reason they suspect that you are outside of there approved areas they could freeze your funds and this is true for any sites that are not available in the US such as certain casinos and dark web sites.

I don’t think this is the true solution however. Alow me to show a post from antivirus guru, security expert, and Crypto Enthusiast John McAfee.

There is a fundamental problem with our government that they seem to think they need to manage how we can spend and use our crypto/money. Personally, it’s none of their business until I hypothetically commit a crime what I’m doing with my money. VPN’s should be used to access remote systems or to add privacy to your browsing experience not to try and go around governmental laws that shouldn’t be on the books in the first place. For this reason it is very important that we call and write our congressmen and women for change and we vote for candidates that are willing to change this. The sad fact is our government is slow so this will take time but we can get it done. VPN is fine as a work around but only we can fix the root issue! Either we fight or fall in line like sheep and if you are a sheep what are you doing in crypto anyway?

Remember, they work for us! Just food for thought everyone! Happy Saturday!