December 6, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Monday Market Update

Another exciting week in crypto with the introduction of Binances One Harmony coin launch. The coin itself spiked 150% in a day and seems to have settled at around 2 cents or 235 sats.

BTC – Currently at $8500 and down a little over 2% BTC seems to be back in accumulation mode before another spike or drop as it sits between $8300-$8900.

LTC – Following big daddy Bitcoins lead also down over 2% and sitting at around $112 this coin also seems to be going sideways for the time being.

ETH – A little worse off than the other coins already mentioned with a 3% loss from yesterday. ETH is staying under $300 for the time being.

BAT – Recent addition of tips through Twitter gave the coin a boost but it has since dropped back down 4% and is at just below $.35

Top Winners:
CYL 1166.11%
MIC 917.49%
JWL 793.28%
MRS 497.87%
ARGUS 319.02%

Top Losers:
BEET 70.71%
GVE 63.39%
EVN 63.33%
EVC 50.62%
LINA 50.27%

BTC dominance is at 55.9%. Have a profitable week everyone!