December 6, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Crypto Campfire Review

If you recall I recently wrote an article reviewing the Bronx Deli in Pontiac MI where I got to meet Mitch from the Crypto Campfire Podcast. Mitch has some incredible energy and I only really heard about his podcast when I found out he was coming and didn’t get a chance to check it out yet. Seeing Mitch’s energy and passion when we had lunch told me it might be one of the better ones. Well, I’ve been listening so let’s break it down.

The Podcast start off with some awesome EDM along with an AI sounding voice introducing them and their guests along with a witty quip. It’s a very interesting intro and does the job of hooking you in very well. The duo do the podcast over a skype type platform (not skype but similar idea) as Mitch and the Perfesser do not live near each other and it’s a great way to get guests without making them travel. The only downside to this method is there will likely not be videos Joe Rogan style.

After the introduction they bring it over to the Crypto Gent for a quick crypto news segment. If your not familiar with the Gent he does crypto news in a flash, 60 second segments were here updates us about the ongoings of the crypto world. There will be a seperate review for the Gent.

After the Gent, Mitch and the Perfesser get right into it with their guest. One of the best thing about their podcast is the fact that they interview everyone. I love their concept because it reminds me of when the old blog would interview community members and people definitely seemed to like those. They do it way better than the bitcorner ever did however, as they are a podcast so you get much more in depth than the text interviews I did a year or so ago and they will go after everyone. So far they have had everything from Sparkle, Janice and John McAfee, and multiple twitter personalities. It’s really great to hear from experts in the field and your seasoned hodler.

Another wonderful thing about this podcast is they figured out the cardinal sin of entertainment right away. That sin is of course, when planning entertainment, don’t plan entertainment. What I mean by that is beyond the guests and a few starter questions they let the podcast flow naturally. It’s not a 60 minutes style of hard hitting questions but rather a free forum between Mitch, The Perfesser, and the guest(s) which not only feels more real but produces better content im my opinion.

Bottom line is these guys are out there doing what they love and it shows. They are passionate about blockchain and crypto while not being afraid to go after big or small guests. They want to talk and talk they shall. So far I’ve listened to about 5 podcasts of thiers and they have all been epic, but if you are looking for one to get you into it the Janice and John McAfee interview was incredible.

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