December 6, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Yesterday I wrote my normal Monday update and experienced some DNS issues from my host. For those who are unfamiliar with what DNS is that is the service that translates an IP into a .com or other top level domain. So, while I cant confirm that this is exactly what happened as my host has not contacted me back yet it seems to be the case. With that said I’m going to do the weekly update a bit differently this week.

When I wrote my original post yesterday Bitcoin was down quite a bit but now we are at $7957 and up almost 3%. BTC is dominating by 55.6% as of this posting. Litecoin surged yesterday also currently up 10.51%.

Upcoming Blog Posts

HoneyMiner VS NiceHash
Cryptocurrency and what YOU can do
Exodus Mobile Wallet Review.

I’m currently in the middle of researching these topics and they should be out soon. If there is a subject you would like me to cover DM me on twitter or send me an email

Have a great rest of the week everyone!