August 14, 2022


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Binance Blocked! & Site Update

Ok, I decided to wait a few hours to post this in order to allow myself time to gather as much information as I could and to write this with a level head after I was done yelling at the sun… or sky… or whatever. So, Binance announced that they will be geo-blocking all US IP’s starting September 12th from due to margin trading and trying to appease the imperial US government (OK I’m going a bit overboard and being dramatic.) HOWEVER, they will be launching Binance.US in the near future to serve the US exchange needs. No clue how this new exchange will function or if it will pretty much just be the current version of binanace but we shall see.

This isn’t really a bad move from a business standpoint. They need to stay on the up and up with world governments if they want to remain successful and this will help them to do that. Is it shitty for us US customer? Definitely. Of course, you will still be able to use a VPN to spoof yourself in another country and continue to do so if you like, but I warn you to use extreme caution. Please read my article To VPN or not to VPN.

Ill be doing my best to keep everyone updated but for now keep on trading, don’t FUD and if you need to move to another exchange, than do so!

Site Update:

Ok some small but big site news. Nothing on your end will change however there may be down time while I work with our new host to migrate over. Yes, Blogcoinz is changing hosts due to unexpected down time from (we use their paid service) and no answer from tech support as to why the site was down multiple days in a row for extended periods of time. Thanks for sticking with us everyone and if you would like to support us please visit our support page, throw a BAT tip in the jar, or just share our posts with your friends! Thanks again everyone!!!!