October 25, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Wow, what a week. BTC is pushing new yearly highs and alt coins dumped due to Binance geo-blocking the US from binance.com in September. Lets do a basic overview as we head into another exciting week in crypto.

BTC- ITS OVER 9000! Vegeta has appeared to wish us all a happy over 9000! Sitting at $9267 up over 1.5% from yesterday the BTC train is going non stop to Nasa to prep for its take off to the moon.

LTC- Small gains from yesterday but holding steady above $135

ETH- Following Litecoin gains also less than 1% from yesterday. Sitting around the $272 mark.

XMR- Up almost 4% Monero seems to be ready to push past $100 (currently $98)

Biggest Gainers:

IFOOD – 228.58%
WGP – 200.18%
ERC20- 176.71%
VOCO – 167.21%
BOS – 166.74%

Biggest Losers:

MIC : -54.69%
GET : -47.80%
XCON : -43.45%
SOP : -40.26%
MESG : -35.87%

BTC dominance is at 57.2% Happy trading everyone!