July 5, 2020


Cryptocurrency and Technology

John McAfee Giveaways? No.

Recently on twitter, lots of John McAfee fakes are trying to scam us out of our crypto with fake giveaways. Know this is not John however bots or other people trying to use his name to get your money. In recent years we have seen Vitalik, CZ, Charlie Lee, and several others impersonated to get your money. Here are some tips to help you keep your crypto from scam giveaways.

  1. Always check when the account was created. Scammers usually make new accounts and if an account is too new that is a red flag
  2. If it is someone verified (like John) look for that blue check. No blue check then its a scam.
  3. If there is an entry fee to participate then it is most likely a scam.
  4. If they ask you for some crypto to “verify your address” it is a scam.
  5. If they are giving away an obscene amount it is almost always a scam
  6. If they have little to no followers it is most likely a scam.
  7. If there is no date to when the drawing will happen it is a scam.

The only giveaways I’ve ever seen that were legit were small and from people who are active with the community. On that note, John does not do giveaways but will do contests from time to time. Remember if it is too good to be true then it almost always is. Always be skeptical when you see a giveaway and personally I wouldn’t participate in anything beyond a retweet/follow giveaway as you won’t lose anything from those. I’ll be creating a crypto tips section in the near future that will highlight more tips to stay safe in the crypto space.

Also, please report and block accounts you know to be fake.