October 25, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Monday Market Update: OverKill!

Welcome to another week in crypto. After a few weeks of gains followed by a week or so of mostly sideways movement, the market has pulled back. Waking up to loses across the board is no big deal to the seasoned trader as most of us know higher highs and higher lows is the game and not so much to just go parabolic.

BTC – Bitcoin is currently down 5.6% still at over 10K. Hopefully this is new bottom but time will tell.

LTC – Litecoin got hammered last night dropping from around $101 to $89 losing 11% initially but currently, around 8% loss. With halving around the corner hopefully this is the last major dip before takeoff.

ETH – Overkill! ETH is down 11% right now getting rekt. Currently, at $227

BAT – My favorite coin below the top 10 mark is getting crushed with a 12% loss. Currently just below 25 cents.

Top Gainers

BZNT – 259.08%
EVY – 136.02%
DXR – 132.44%
FYP – 111.67%
YEED – 92.84%


TX – 71.52%
DYN – 66.92%
OGO – 61.77%
MIC – 53.64%
FDZ – 53.20%