October 26, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

News Letter, Vacation, and Bitcoin.

Good Friday morning to everyone! If it’s not Friday when you are reading this pretend it is and takes two days off after reading. If your boss asks, tell them an internet personality said it was ok, should work out.

Ok, real talk. BlogCoinz is happy to announce our weekly newsletter that will highlight posts from the previous week. This letter will go out Monday nights or Tuesday mornings. If you would like to sign up Click Here.

VACATION! I’m super stoked to announce I am taking my first real vacation in years. I’m heading to Calgary Alberta to visit family and have fun for a little over a week. During this time posts will be limited. I leave next Friday the 26th. Also, you bet your ass I’ll be keeping my eye out for Bitcoin and Crypto brick and mortar shops to blog about. I’m also ordering a BlogCoinz hat from our new store to promote crypto and the blog at the same time. Yes, I have to buy them also.

On that note, lets talk about the store a little. So far we have a bunch of gear with the logo on it. I plan to add more designs with the blogcoinz name. Funny and thought-provoking stuff for our readers to wear. The store also offers discounts from time to time but be aware I have 0 control over pricing or discounts. The distributor decides those.

Ok the last thing, Bitcoin killed it yesterday. Back over 10k and looking sexy as fuck! Carry on everyone!