October 26, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Monday Market Update

Good morning everyone. I hope you had an amazing weekend. As a quick reminder, there most likely will not be a market update next week. Also, don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter and check out the shop! Ok, lets dig in.

BTC – Bouncing back from the high 9000s Bitcoin is sitting at almost $10,500. Bitcoin seems to be sticking to that high 9000 to 11k range and time will tell if it makes another attempt at 12-14k.

LTC – Litecoin is having some trouble staying above $100 but is still doing OK. Currently consolidating with halving around the corner we could see another spike anytime. Of course, we could also have a lame duck that goes sideways for longer than we would like. Currently down 3.33%

ETH – Crypto Twitter has been calling $300 for a while now as it sits in the $220 range. Ether could spike any time now or could keep going sideways like everything else. Personally, I think its a matter of time before we see ETH climb back to 1k.

BNB – Ok, let us end on a positive note since the last 3 are currently down. Binance coins is 2.4% up today making small strides. Binance has been doing some great work and their token, currently, is doing great. It has been a good year for BNB.

Biggest Winners

TAS – 502.36%
CCX – 390.34%
DXR – 271.45%
DUSK – 216.24% (Added to binance today)
SALT – 163.87%

Biggest Losers

BBGC – 94.88%
BZNT – 71.73%
ZEON – 68.58%
SINS – 67.60%
BRC – 65.12%

Bitcoin dominace is at 65.3%