August 9, 2020


Cryptocurrency and Technology

I’m Back Baby!

Calgary was amazing! I wore my BlogCoinz hat as much as I could. I visited Banff which was beautiful and Lake Louise which was equally stunning. I went to Drumheller and saw the dinosaur museum with my son and got me a fossilized shark tooth! We had a great time!

I was mistaken for Edward Snowden at a Calgary mall which i found amusing to say the least but although the one dude found Snowden I did not find anything Bitcoin related. I didn’t search or use my phone to try and find locations as I wanted it to be organic. A few people knew what Bitcoin was but the interest in Calgary was scarce. A few family members talked to me briefly about the blog and bitcoin but overall interest in the city seemed low. No litecoin logos or Bitcoin ATM’s in sight anywhere and this is a major Canadian city. Did I not look hard enough? Maybe the places I went just didn’t support it yet? As I live in Michigan going there is not something that happens often for me so if you live in Canada and would like to enlighten me please DM me on twitter or email me at

I hope you all had a great week and didn’t miss the blog too much while I was gone but things will be back in full swing! Next week I plan on doing a newsletter exclusive giveaway so be sure to sign up!