October 25, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Bravo Coin, Bravo

I have been seeing more and more people talking about Bravo and earning free crypto so I thought why not check it out. Bravo is basically a decentralized version of Yelp that pays users in Bravo Coin for writing reviews and receiving upvotes. A neat concept with some huge potential if they can overcome a few hurdles.

How to use Bravo

Bravo can be downloaded on iOS and Android phones/tablets but currently has no PC version of the dApp. After you download you go through a setup process that includes creating an in-app bravo wallet and saving a recovery key. From there start writing. You will earn crypto for reviews that people interact with and currently, with a relatively small community most reviews get interactions fairly easily.

You also hold the power to help people earn. You get what is called voting power and how it translates to earning potential isn’t 100% clear but the basic gist is the more voting power you have the more someone earns for your upvotes. Bravo recommends staying above 50% as the bar does refill over time but can take a while to fully refill.

Another neat feature is the ability to add friends like social media. This is kind of cool as you can keep track of authors whos material you like and trust.

Is it worth anything?

What is your actual earning potential? It is actually not bad. I earned a little over 70 bravo fairly quickly and it is trading at 165 sats on the only platform its currently being traded on which is about $1.40. So it does translate to real-world value but the downside is in order to figure out what it is really worth you need to check the only exchange it is on.

This also shows its potential. With being on only one exchange and worth 165 sats is no small feat for a newer project. They hope to add a second exchange soon and I have no doubt as they add to more and more exchanges prices will rise a bit.

Pros vs Cons

Easy to use.
Fun, I actually enjoy review stuff so this is up my ally.
Incorporates data from Yelp, Google, and other sources to have a decent list of things to review
Solid UI and App – No crashes or major issues with the app that I could find
High earning potential for the type of data.

Only listed on one exchange so far.
Information about the coin is limited currently.
Buy/Sell section of the site takes you to a page that wants you to install the app you already have. Would be nice if this went to a list of exchanges.
Limited to no 3rd party wallets.

To conclude this project has a long way to go in terms of adoption but the concept is solid and the execution is going in the right direction. There is no real risk to trying it and I personally find it fun and more useful than Yelp or Google, at least in potential. Give them a shot and try it out. If you like to tell people what you think of places and products this is a great platform to do so. https://bravocoin.com/