October 26, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Exodus Review

It is no secret that I am a huge Exodus fan! Allow me to go through some of the reasons I love Exodus as well as some of its disadvantages.

Exodus is a software-based multi-asset crypto wallet. They are always adding new assets to the list and communicate with users frequently as to what is coming down the pipeline. Recently they have added XMR, RVN, and Loom to their platform.

The design is sexy. No other way to put it but the Exodus wallet is sleek and pretty. Both the mobile and desktop versions look great. The asset pie chart that shows your highest assets is a nice visual to represent how much you have in each asset.

Speaking of mobile, they recently completed their mobile version for both iOS and Android. Best part? You can sync your mobile and desktop wallets! On top of having a mobile version they also allow the use of a trezor hard wallet to cold store crypto assets.

Fast? You bet ya. The downside to this is that because they focus on speed their network fees can sometimes be high. Usually, this is only a problem for BTC.

Exodus can also be used as an exchange to swap assets with other assets they have available. Its super fast as all the exchanges are done on-chain but the fees can sometimes be high. Again, this is because of speed being the top priority.

Really, the only issue I have ever had with Exodus is network fees and those are not something they control. Speed has always been highly reliable as all my transfers happen within seconds. It’s a great place to store long term and use for spending. Exodus.io