October 25, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Monday? Market Update

Ok, it is, in fact, Tuesday the 13th of August but better late than never. Let’s dive in and take a little look at the market.

BTC – Moving sideways still at just over 11k. Hopefully, we can see some movement soon as it sits with a 0.87% loss this morning.

LTC – LTC saw a small loss after halving and has been moving sideways around the $85 mark. Currently at 2.28% loss from yesterday.

ETH – Holding strong over $200 but also down this morning 1.68%.

BTT – Ok, is this dead? I think it’s dead. At 7 sats with a low of 5 sats over the last few weeks, there has been almost no volume and the coin isn’t making much traction up or down. On top of that, the community has gone silent and there has been almost no BTT news lately.

Biggest Winners

BOA – 97.52%
OBSR – 75.11%
COS – 59.48%
NOTE – 59.43%
PC – 52.24%

Biggest Losers

VERI – 78.35%
UUU – 67.24%
ELAC – 57.16%
EVY – 57.02%
OWC – 53.18%

Bitcoin dominance is at 68.7%