October 26, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Monday Market Update

Happy Monday everyone! I hope we all had a profitable weekend and made Millions. Personally, not so much but up is up so lets take a look.

BTC – Fighting back and starting to show some green again big daddy Bitcoin is inching closer to 11k. Currently at $10,700 up 4% from yesterday.

ETH – Flipped a little for some extra BTC this weekend. Back at $200 and up close to 7%.

LTC – A little disappointed with its performance lately but it is up and that’s the right direction! Sitting at $78 and up over 5%. Personally would love to see LTC make new ATH in the next year or so! I think it is possible but time shall tell.

BAT – What blogger or content creator doesn’t love BAT! Tips are awesome and I actually picked some more up over the weekend since its down from its ATH near 50cents. Currently, at 0.186 cents and up 4.5% I see BAT eventually being worth over $1.

Biggest Winners

NSD – 125.25%
IDT – 98.66%
KIN – 93.35%
STC – 87.58%
VITAE – 84.03%

Biggest Losers

BOLTT – 97.04%
SLV – 72.16%
SPHR – 71.48%
HST – 54.75%
THX – 53.54%

BTC Dominiance is at 68.7% over alts.