October 25, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Get Honey Miner!

I have been using honey miner for a while now and thought it is well overdue for a review! Ok, first you need to know what I am using to mine with. I have a gaming PC with a ryzen 5 and a 1050ti so the numbers im using are going to seem low. I will be going over setup, functionality, and ease of use.

Please note also that I use the term app which is usually associated with smartphones. In this case, it is interchangeable with program and honey miner is for PC or Mac’s.


Setting up the honey miner is very very easy. First, go to HoneyMiner.com and sign up. That link will take you right to the sign-up page. Next, download honey miner and install it. The download button is right next to the log in button on their site. After install, you will need to sign in to the app with the account you created. From there honey miner by default will just start mining. Yes, that simple.

You may need to adjust your firewall settings but most out of the box PC’s are good to go and the rules get created on install. If you see both your CPU and GPU active then you are good to go.

What if I want to shut it off to save power or for gaming? So, honey miner will throttle meaning if you’re doing low-end tasks you can let it run in the background. If you are trying to game in 4k you may want to shut it off. To do so you can do one of two things, close the app or use the in-app toggle to turn it off until you are ready to switch it back on again.


I kinda hit on this already as Honey Miner is very easy to use. With that said it functions well also. When mining you are not actually mining Bitcoin. What you are mining is Ravencoin or other similar cheap coins. The miner auto picks the highest profit coin for you to mine and Honey Miner pays you in Bitcoin. Currently, the payouts are only in Bitcoin.

Does it take long to reach minimum payout? The best part is there is no actual minimum payout. If network fees are 0 today you can cash out 1 sat, however, network fees are never 0 and since they are using the actual blockchain fees and not a flat fee this fluctuates and can be used to your advantage. Sometimes better to wait a few hours or days for a lower fee. I’ve seen it as low as 3000 sats.

How much am I getting? I told you at the beginning of the article that what I am using so keep in mind it is a mid-high end gaming machine and not a dedicated miner or asic. Currently, I’m making about 30000 sats a month or $3-5. It fluctuates a lot depending on how active my miner is. I’ve mined 25k and over 50k in a month. Just depends on the price of BTC that month as the fiat value is fairly consistent.


Wait? Where is ease of use. It is that easy to use as already described that anyone with any PC can run it fairly simply. I don’t recommend running it unless you have a halfway decent graphics card or CPU but if you want to try it out Click Here. It is a very easy program to use and it is fun to stack extra sats with your PC when it is not in use. Will you become rich off Honey Miner? Not with a basic PC no. Even if you add their cloud mining service you most likely won’t be rich, but you will make extra BTC and it all adds up!