October 26, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

State of Crypto

I missed the regular Monday Market update so I decided let’s do something a little different today. Posts have been lacking the last week as I have been super busy and now not feeling the greatest. With that said lets dive into what we missed.

Craig Wright

Craig was ordered to pay half of the Bitcoin owed to David Kleiman estate as David passed away years ago. The amount is worth billions and weakens Craigs claims to being Satoshi, at least as a single person.


Bitcoin seems to be in another consolidation phase as we keep bouncing between 10-11k. Twitter feared a drop below 10k but the drop never quite happened and Bitcoin has been holding the line so far.


Really depends on the alt we are talking about but most are following big daddy Bitcoin in the sense they can’t seem to make headway up or down.


Twitter seems to be a lot of people down on their knees praying for the charts to significantly move. Others have resorted to shit posting to pass the time while we wait for major change in the charts while others have moved to alts to try and gain more BTC. Shitposting is not at an all-time high but is on the upswing.

BTC dominance is currently at 68.9%

Crypto Gent

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