August 14, 2022


Cryptocurrency and Technology

General Market Update

Hello all. Hope you had a great labor day weekend. Personally, I have been sick and fighting allergies and a head cold. Sucks but I am still here. I’m opting to do a general update this week since my time is limited today. We will be back full swing next week.


Damn what a week. Slumped below 10k for a little over 2 days so hope you bought the dip! I did, although not much. Adds up though so happy with my purchase. Bitcoin is currently worth just over 10k and is up over 5% as of this posting. BTC dominance is at 70.2% which means altcoins are getting rekt!

Biggest Gainer and Loser

Heres a couple coins I know nothing about but did great or terrible. So the winner of most gains for last week was DEX at a gain of 360% and the worst coin last week was CUST with 95% loss.

Mistakes Made

I made a rookie mistake by not backing up my Bravo Coin wallet before I reset my phone! Luckily not a huge loss as i was a new user for the most part but now i have to make a new account. ALWAYS back up. Thought i did and still have some notes to go through but let it be a lesson as it could have been much worse!


Yeah… I am a sell-out. Check them out though as its a very cool site! You will notice more ads in the same area on rotation in the near future. If you are interested in advertising please email me at for more information.