October 25, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Monday Market Update

Last couple of weeks we did the update a little differently. This week we will get back to basics.

BTC – Bitcoin has been going hard in consolidation mode bouncing between 10-11k channel staying around 10.5k. Currently down 2.66% and sitting at 10266 USD.

LTC – Litecoin spiked earlier this year to $130 but lost the momentum and has been trading in a wide area from $68-$80 the last month or so. Currently at $70 and down .37%

BAT – Still delivering on their platform but the price has fallen as the hype is down now that everything is in full swing. I expect to see a slow but steady climb to the $1 mark over the next year or so but that is my opinion. Currently around 17 cents and down about 2.8%

ETH – ETH looked like it was going to stay above $200 but it has fallen and trading in the $180-$190 range. Currently at $180 and down half a percent.

Biggest Winners

A – 5685.20% HOLY HELL
MOF – 719.87% FIRE!
WEB – 533.62% DAMN!
SLV – 176.79%
TOC – 125.10%

Biggest Losers

CUST – 95.43%
PLC – 75.80%
EGT – 71.37%
STC – 63.19%
XHT – 54.86%

BTC Dominance is at 69.7%