October 25, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Monday Market Update

Another week with little movement in the BTC charts. With Bitcoin going sideways many people on twitter are starting to call ALT season to start soon, however, proceed with caution if you are going to go into alts and DYOR.

BTC- About the same as last week. Sitting at $10360 and some change there has been no significant change to Bitcoin over the last week.

LTC – Litecoin is doing about the same as Bitcoin. At $71 still in a consolidation channel.

ETH – Here is a coin making some movement. Heading back to the $200 mark many are calling this the coin that could kick off ALT season but trade with caution.

Biggest Winners

WEB – 289.63%
MOF – 259.71%
JAR – 165.90%
ADB – 163.20%
GEX – 149.93%

Biggest Losers

FST – 54.61%
TAS – 53.38%
ONE – 43.42%
SPRKL – 38.92%
PC – 37.02%

Bitcoin dominance is at 69.5%