October 26, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Monday Market & Site Update

Good Monday morning everyone or whatever time it is when you are reading this. First off the site has been a bit slow this last few weeks but more reviews will be coming soon. With that said we are looking for new partners who would like to share their content on the site. If you would like to do some content sharing email me at jason@blogcoinz.com. Ok, lets see how the market is doing.

BTC – Been a rough week for Bitcoin hovering around the 10k mark but currently a bit under that at $9992 and down 0.5%

ETH – Been holding above $200 but struggling to maintain any traction it is currently sitting at $211 and also down close to 0.5%

LTC – Had a bit of the same story but making a bit of a comeback. Currently in the green and sitting at $73.44 with a gain just over 1%.

Biggest Winners

GEX – 200.35%
LOKI – 150.15%
ABBC – 136.05%
SNM – 129.27%
ETGB – 127.53%

Biggest Losers

B91 – 69.12%
XET – 65.04%
CUST – 62.42%
XD – 53.72%
IPC – 48.07%