October 26, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Weak Hands and Site Update

Twitter is calling out the dip by crying weak hands! As Bakkt was set to launch the crypto market to new heights crypto twitter was stunned by the dramatic 11%ish drop Bitcoin experienced yesterday. So far we have yet to recover and if we do bounce back up its probably going to take a few days, but let’s hope im wrong. Ok, thats really all thats new in the market so here’s some updates coming soon to the site or already in production.

Crypto Campfire Podcast

We are teaming up with the Crypto Campfire Podcast to provide more content to the site. Once a week we will be providing a review of my favorite podcast from the previous week along with highlights from the rest of the podcasts for that week. We may do more in the future but expect that starting next week.

More Content!

With last week only putting in one article made me feel a bit lazy. I’m here to provide insight and knowledge in the cyrpto space and the last two weeks have been a bit slow, so let’s ramp it up a bit!


Yes, I’m adding ads to the site if you havent already noticed but it’s not going to be google ads. Instead, I’m focusing on community offering cheap ad space on a crypto-related site. All ads are static so ad blockers shouldn’t block it. If you would like to have your ad in our rotation email me at jason@blogcoinz.com. Space is limited in order to have a high % chance of your ad showing on the page as it is randomized.