October 26, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Tuesday Market Update!

Hello all! I took yesterday off due to a high workload so our typical Monday update is now today for this week. Wow-what a bad week for the crypto market. Everything right now is swinging hard 10% in both directions. Bitcoin is down from 10k to 8k which is nuts but not something we haven’t seen before.

BTC – Currently a little over $8300 and up over 3% for the day so far we are down quite a bit from the start of last week however. I belive we will see a bounce back soon but as we all know it can go either way very quickly.

LTC – UGGGG, hit a high around $130 this year and BTC is already down over half of that. Sitting at $56 and only up about 1.7% Litecoin seems to be struggling.

ETH – ETH was supposed to launch alt season, according to twitter, and for a moment it did look like it was going to lead the charge. Sitting close to $180 and overall not doing as bad as some other coins but still down quite a bit. Currently up 4% for the day.

Biggest Winners

CUST – 653.57%
ZEON – 205.93%
EZT – 155.02%
DAPP – 128.72%
EXP – 102.22%

Biggest Losers

MOF – 77.36%
LXT – 68.26%
DEEP – 67.82%
LAD – 57.78%
LAMB – 55.53%

Bitcoin dominance is at 67.6%.