October 26, 2021


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Campfire Review – 1st Edition

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Hello Campfire listeners. In the future there will be a full review of my favorite episode from the previous week, but I am playing catch up and with work kicking my ass I am opting to go off the script a little. The line up as always is amazing and the insight from the community is always great. With that said, let’s dive in.

Ep. 53 – Just do what the pineapple says!
In this episode @RedKatLife tells us what is going on with her and her involvement in the cryptosphere. She tells us about her need to be a moving billboard by slapping giant crypto stickers on her van for a cross country trip. The possibilities of cloning Johnny Litecoin and a secret that twitter may already know about but her family doesn’t. She lets us know who the best hugger is on crypto twitter, and this person has The Perfesser’s stamp of approval. This episode is fun and fast pace yet chill and an overall great listen.

Ep. 52 – Cigars and Crypto
This was my favorite episode that I have listened to in the past week for a simple reason. It was very different from the typical and really stood out to me. I love @InvestNoir’s passion for not only crypto but cigars. It is extremely interesting to not only hear about what he is doing in the crypto space but the other things going on in his life. A new house, family hit by Dorian, and of course, the cigars. I found it very interesting the types of cigars he likes and how he clears his pallet for when he is smoking a cigar. As a (current) non-smoker I also had no idea how long they lasted or that some people like to smoke them back to back. Oh! Before I forget to tell you, he has his own podcast where Mitch & The Perfesser have been guests.

Ep. 51 – Penguins of the Wild West
Quinn, master of banhammer and lover of crypto. It was interesting to hear from someone as young as Quinn who is not only passionate about crypto but an inspiring techie as well. They talked about his love for running and maintaining discord servers or rather skill for it. He also touched on the security side of tech which leads to a nice discussion about white hat and black hat hackers. Quick run down for the few people left who don’t know, white hat hackers are good and black hat hackers are bad. He is currently the mastermind at Cerebro bringing down the banhammer when needed.

In case you forgot, I’m @cryptoJ from BlogCoinz.com and thanks for reading!