October 25, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Market Update

We have had a rollercoaster the last couple of weeks. BTC dipped below 8k and bounced back near 9 to settle around 8300. Twitter has lost hope in an alt season and sulfer is raining from the skies… Ok maybe a bit too dramatic.

BTC – Staying steady after the dip at $8300. No real movement. Down 0.5% right now.

LTC – Following big brother Bitcoin with not much price action since the Bitcoin dip. Currently at $55 and down 3%.

ETH – Had a strong few weeks and is fairing ok since the dip. Currently at $183

Biggest Winners

TTN +672.62%
BQQQ +314.99%
SUR + 197.96%
TOC +191.06%
DACHX + 170.25%

Biggest Losers

AGRO -95.11%
PASC -63.95%
TNS -62.86%
TOSC -61.99%
AKRO -55.79%

Bitcoin dominace is at 66.4%