October 26, 2021


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Campfire Review – Spiders and Scams

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Hello Campfire readers! Last week was a slow one for podcasts due to Mitch and The Perfesser partying hard at conventions and spreading the word about crypto. Be sure to check out their YouTube page for bonus content from the conventions.

While last week was slow there was a podcast released so let’s talk about it. As usual we get our start with the sassy intro we all love followed by some silky smooth news from our friend The Crypto Gent. Shortly after, the guys get right into it with last week’s guest Colin @colinthecrypto1 by talking about what they are drinking. Colin is in the UK with a beer in hand while the boys are just waking up to their morning coffee.

Next, along comes a spider! This spider is described as the biggest land beast ever to set foot on this Earth. So big it was discovered wearing Colin’s shoes. Now, I’m not sure what the standard size of spiders are in the UK or the proper protocol for dealing with one as massive as they describe but here in the US it is perfectly acceptable to burn your house down if you discover one that big! (Joke, don’t burn your house down. Get a shoe.)

Then they segway into trade talk along with scam talks. Colin informs us of a scam that he got hooked into and lost some money on while Mitch provides us with a story that opposites Colin’s. This is a great thing to talk about because I believe it is one of the biggest deterrents in the crypto space. It is important to question everything and as Colin says, validate do not trust!

Over all this was a great podcast to listen to. Colin makes some great statements and the guys keep it fun and interesting as always. There is already a new podcast up that will be included in next week’s blog post so go check that out and thanks for dropping by!

Much Love!
Crypto J