October 26, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Weekly Market Update

Yup, Monday’s have gotten busy for me so the update lately has been pretty much when ever I have time. Bare with me folks, there is a lot going on backstage leading to bigger and better things for the site. Anyway, lets dive in.

BTC – Last week when I reported to you bitcoin was under 8k closer to $7500. Less than a week later we see a huge spike causing Bitcoin to hit over 10k on some exchanges. Currently Bitcoin has leveled off close to $9200 and is down 2.5% from yesterday.

ETH – Not seeing any real movement from last week still in the high $180 range and down 4% for the day.

LTC – Experiencing the same story as ETH, LTC is down about 3% for the day.

Bravo – I love this project but it’s down quite a bit this week losing 50% the other day (according to blockfolio). I fear not though because this project is amazing. Check out our reviews for the full review.

Biggest Winners

First off, holy shit!

CV +1551%
NOAH +1343%
CNX +600%
ADT +341%
AKRO +192%

Biggest Losers

UDOO -83%
UNI -48%
TRN -46%
SXP -45%
USE -40%

Bitcoin dominance is at 67.4%