October 26, 2021


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Campfire Review – “Devil’s Night” Edition

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Hello Campfire listeners and readers! Happy Devil’s Night and Happy Halloween. Welcome to another edition of the Campfire Review. The guys are crushing it all over the place so make sure to stay tuned to their Twitter page. This week we feature two episodes and will highlight a bit of both.

Episode 57- A Renaissance of Money: Crypto Education, the “Un-Conference”, and a Lunch Date in the Federal Reserve with MediaShower CEO Sir John Hargrave. This was an interesting episode as they went into not only the book written by Sir Hargrave but they dive into why crypto could be a decent investment for a small percentage of your portfolio. (*Not financial advice*) It is a fun and interesting episode filled with lots of knowledge bombs.

Episode 56 – Humanitarian Applications of Blockchain, Social Engineering, Steemit, and more w/ KOHX.io CTO Patrick Booth. While both podcasts are great as always this one I found to be fun and touch on some great issues. I love what he and the rest of the people working with him are doing with the idea of using blockchain tech for humanitarian purposes. The topic of decentralized vs centralized social platforms came up and we learn some of the advantages and disadvantages of both. Of course, those in the blockchain space gravitate to decentralized because they wish to not be limited or censored. Decentralized DAPPS and platforms like Minds and Steemit allow more freedoms than a centralized platform like Twitter or Facebook as they are not subject to random AI scrubs or generally much moderation. Much more is discussed in this episode!

I know the guys are killing it out in Vegas and be sure to keep an eye on that Twitter page, YouTube, and of course the site here!

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