October 26, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Scam Alert – Pt. 1 – The Catfish

Hello all! Welcome to part 1 of our multi-part scam course. I hope you paid your fee (just kidding). In these articles, I will cover different types of scams on Twitter, by phone, or other technology-based scams. The goal is to help educate people so they can hang on to their hard-earned cash and Bitcoin.

The Catfish

Let’s start off with a pretty common social media scam. It starts with you thinking you found the girl of your dreams. Typically this scam is done on horny men but could go the reverse also. So she chats you up and tells you how wonderful, sexy, blah blah blah you are. She makes you feel good and shows you some soft pictures of “her” that are provocative but not revealing. At this point she asks, “do you want to see more?”

So at this point most men are either reaching for their wallets or know they are being scammed. When she asks if you want more she gives you a price and sends nudes over (sometimes). Often you get your nudes but a lot of times you get played but the worst part is the nudes you just bought are actually pulled from amateur sites and not the person on the other end at all.

Now you have nudes, of a person you don’t know or the person on the other end doesn’t know. The scammer will rinse and repeat this as many times as they can until they are found out and then will create new accounts to do it over.

You may be thinking this can not actually be a thing. Well, about a year ago I did a story on my old blog that covered a “Girl” named Jess that was found out by the actual person in the photos. I got to chat with the victim who let me know that she liked posting nudes of herself (minus her head) and when she found out they were being sold without her permission she decided to never do it again, which is sad because according to her it made her feel good about her body.

If you must post your body online, which this blog has no problem with, use watermarks as they will help identify stolen pictures. If you must buy pictures then use trusted sites (not sure what those are I don’t personally buy nudes). Make sure there is no watermark linking to a different profile or website. Ask for a personalized photo for proof of a real person. Of course if at any point in a transaction if you feel like it is not legit or to be trusted then trust your gut and back out!

Be safe and we will see you for part 2 in a few days!