October 26, 2021


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Campfire Review – Charity and Seeds

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Happy Hump Day Campfire listeners! Welcome to another edition of the Campfire Review were I break down the week before. Episode 59 with Lolli CTO & Co-Founder Matt Senter was recently released so make sure to listen to that now! I’m playing catch up myself and will be adding it in next week and taking a dive into episode 58 this week.

Episode 58 – Jason Corle, Head of Business Adoption at PAC Global. This has really been a heavy hitter of a week which is why some more time is being put into the review with both Lolli and PAC back to back.

Of course our Podcasts starts off with some whit, some charm from The Crypto Gent with The Crypto News in a Flash! and a bit of banter. We get to Jason who tells us about PAC and how they have grown and changed over their history. While PAC as a whole is interesting the amazing part is the charity work they are doing to give back to the world and people in need. It says a lot about a companies values when they do what they can to contribute back.

Another interesting thing about Jason is his family’s involvement with Ford. They have some dealerships and not too long ago started accepting BTC, ETH, LTC, and PAC. This is the kind of action the crypto movement needs, more brick and mortar location accepting cryptocurrencies. It snowballs when one person does it and starts to see the benefits others will see it as well and join the movement at a better form of payment. He made great points about planting seeds and had a great conversation about adoption and education.

Loved this podcast and I’ve been told things will be ramping up now that the guys are done with conventions for the moment. Starting next weeks post with Lolli and I’m sure a few others as well.

As always, much love!
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