October 26, 2021


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Campfire Review – Hodl vs Precision Money

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Happy HUMP DAY Campfire listeners and readers! This week we had a few new podcasts to check out and will be taking a look a episode 59 & 60 featuring Gerry Votta and Lolli CTO & Co Founder Matt Senter

The Spender
Episode 50 starts off chill with The Crypto Gent news segment and some banter between our friends The Perfesser and Mitch, but then, enters Gerry. Gerry came screeching in at 454 wps (Words Per Second) with intensity that would kill anyone with a heart condition. Gerry enthusiasm made for an extremely fun episode and covered an array of topics like the crypto ecosystem, spending cryptocurrencies, and earning cryptocurrencies as a way to gain new interests in the space. Now, this episode was a little short but on the plus side it is a great pick if you don’t have as much time to tune in, and with Gerry holding the world record for wps you get a lot of topic coverage.

The Hodler
Matt Senter, CTO of Lolli joined the podcast in episode 59. For those who don’t know what Lolli is, it is a platform that offers digital rebates for online purchases in the form of Bitcoin. In other words, they give you Bitcoin for shopping at certain sites online. I personally feel these types of projects are whats going to bring all sorts of “non-coiners” into the space. We get some fun personal info about fears of falling or rather falling up and of course you know they talked about the Seeds project. This is another interesting project and they give lots of info on their twitter feeds as well as the last few podcasts on it. The one thing that really stood out in the podcast was Matt is a hodler or rather he believes at this moment in time Bitcoin should be held and not spent. It’s an interesting take on the subject and exact opposite to Gerry which of course you can hear more of by tuning in.

The episoides are starting to flow out so make sure you check back often for new content and as always im Crypto J with BlogCoinz.com