October 26, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Scam Alert – Pt 3 – The Tech Support Scam

This next scam doesn’t always involve crypto but it can.

You get a call from Microsoft, Apple, Sony, or some other tech companies tech support but you were not expecting a call from them. They tell you there is an issue with your PC and they need to remote into your machine correct the issue. At this point, one of a few things is going to happen.

Giving access to your PC to anyone you do not know or are not expecting opens up not only the PC you are on but every PC on your network to exposure from the intruder/hacker. Once logged onto your system typically the “agent” will place ransomware on your PC and demand payment via Western Union or Bitcoin to unlock your PC which most of the time they don’t unlock it when you pay.

A scarier scenario makes it look like nothing happened. Your PC may even appear to be running smoother as promised but little do you know there is a Keylogger installed on your PC tracking where you go and what you type in order to get your usernames and passwords. Next thing you know your money is gone out of your account and you have no idea how.

Here are some red flags to know if someone asks to log into your PC.

  1. Did you call them through a trusted site or company? If not it is most likely fake.
  2. Are they using a trusted remote program (Teamviewer, GoToAssist)
  3. Do they have a Microsoft ID you can verify? (Be warned, anyone can get these certs with some study and money so a scammer could have a legit certification.

The golden rule when it comes to tech support is if you didn’t initiate the call then it is a scam. Microsoft, Apple, Sony, and every other company on earth will not monitor your system for you. Not only will they not do this in most countries it is against privacy laws. So know, these companies will never call you to provide tech support unless you called them first and are expecting a callback.

NEVER EVER give anyone access to your PC unless you trust them.