December 2, 2022


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Campfire Blog #6 – Epic Cash and a Jmack Moment

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Hello Campfire readers and listeners! We hope you had a great Thanksgiving if you were celebrating last week. On this edition we have episode 61 featuring Todd Lewis of Epic Cash and crypto advocate Jmack on episode 62.

Episode 61 – Todd Lewis comes in hot after our fun back and forth with Mitch and The Perfesser along with The Crypto Gent’s News in a Flash. We get a nice lesson on technology from Todd who is more than an expert in his field. We learn how Mimble Wimble (which Epic Coin is built on) takes the idea of a privacy coin that’s built from the ground up rather than on top of an existing project allowing it to use less layers and be more secure. We get a great insight to Todd’s background as well as where he is from and has traveled. Currently, he is living in Brazil where it is a chilly 65 F. Closer to the end we get some fun banter and rabbit hole scenarios. This was not only interesting but informative as well.

Episode 62 – Those of us on Twitter and following Jmack are familiar with a Jmack moment. These are short videos where Jmack inspires the crypto community or relays information he has come across. Jmack is part of the Midwest Adoption Team and an avid advocate for crypto and blockchain tech. Not only that but he was the first guest on the campfire so make sure to go back and check that one out. In this episode we get essentially an extended Jmack moment of inspiration and hearing what he is doing to help spread adoption. From the seed cards to MAT, Jmack is doing what he can to forward the crypto movement. Of course we get some great rabbit hole moments and some talk on Crypto ATM’s!

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