October 26, 2021


Cryptocurrency and Technology

MAT Meetup

Hello all and once again happy new year. The Midwest Adoption Team that includes many like myself from the midwest has put together a meetup at the 501 Bar in Flint Michigan last night 1/4/2020. So, first and foremost a huge shout out to Chad and Griff for putting this together. Chad spent a lot of time in chat organizing the event as well as promoting it and it turned out to be a huge hit. Here are some highlights from the evening along with some notable sightings.

Mat Team

Let’s start with some highlights from the MAT team. Chad and Griff were hovering around the event chatting up everyone. I spent a good chunk of the event recording and observing (Photos at the bottom of the page) as well as talking to some new people I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting face to face yet.

On top of Myself, Chad, and Griff we also had notable appearances from JMack, Clint Westwood, Rebecca (She makes lemonade), Mitch (Crypto Campfire Podcast), Paulie P and gained a ton of new members! If I missed you I apologize as there are too many great people to list or for me to remember everyone’s names/handles.

Bitcoin Ben

Bitcoin Ben used some of his star power to help promote the event also. Ben set up a table and did a live stream from the event and you can rewatch the video. Ben took some time to give our special guest (Keep reading) a bit of spotlight.

I spoke with Ben on my way out of the event, with so much going on I didn’t get a huge opportunity to talk one on one with him but I will say he is as nice in person as he appears to be online. A great guy I hope to see again so check out his page if you don’t know who he is. Link here to rewatch Live Stream!

Andreas Antonopoulos

Special last minute guest was Andreas Antonopoulos and if you don’t know who he is I have four words for you: The Internet of Money. Yes, the author of The Internet of Money and crypto promotor Andreas stopped by the event. In Michigan visiting family he heard about the smallish meet up in Flint and couldn’t resist the opportunity to stop by. He spoke about how he loves smaller groups like this and believes they are the driving force for education and adoption, and I agree 100%. Lastly, he spoke about the importance of not your keys, not your coins, a very important message that many forget.

During the event, Andreas gave away some mugs from his store and several copies of his book The Internet of Money Volume Three and took some time to autograph and sign them for everyone. He also made sure to take some time to talk to anyone who wanted to chat with him. Andreas really takes the time to make it known that he is out there for the community, not just adoption.

Some Highlights

Now, for some photos and highlights.

First the men who made it possible, Chad and Griff standing next to Rebecca.
Andreas experiencing a personal Jmack moment.
Mitch from the Crypto Campfire Podcast chatting some crypto.
Bitcoin Ben and Andreas
Crowd Shot
Clint Westwood hanging out!
Another crowd shot
Me with Andreas. Very Zen moment 🙂

Chad hopes to have a Flint/Michigan meet up once a month so make sure to add him to you your twitter feed as this may be the first big event but it will not be the last!