May 19, 2022


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Campfire Blog #7 – Detroit Rocker & McAfee Message

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HAPPY NEW YEAR/DECADE Campfire readers and listeners. It’s your main man CryptoJ back at you to review the latest posts. As expected, December was a SLOOOOW month for us here at the Campfire and for our partner BlogCoinz. Lots of family time and of course stuff happening on the backend that would put most of us to sleep. With that said, let’s dive in!

Ep – 63 features Dismantle guitarist Shane Karpinski. Shane is a rocker here in mine and Mitchs home state of Michigan! This podcast really brought me back as I was also Michigan metal band once upon a time ago. Thats what made it interesting for me, however, this podcast is interesting on its own as not only do we get to hear a bit of behind the scenes stuff going on in the music industry but we get to hear from someone who has very little knowledge of crypto. Hearing Shanes brain start to turn while Mitch and the Perfessor gave him some information was exciting to say the least. Was a great episode and if you like Metal Dismantle is pretty good. Time will tell how far this band makes it but their sound is proof that they could be going far with their career.

Episoide 64 – I could write all day about Janice and John McAfee. First off, I’m a huge techie so any huge techie has major respect for John from a security and software development standpoint. In this episode, we get to hear about where Janice and John have been while on the run and how their new undisclosed hideout is going for them. We get to hear a little more about the shakedown they gave the film crew who did a music video for them. Touch on Libra and China and hear about the McAfee DEX which sounds amazing. Its the kind of tech that allows anyone to not only exchange funds but become an exchange portal which is incredible. The things that Janice and John are capable of is unlimited. They are always a fun pair to listen to and always keep it real with some great knowledge.

Thanks again for stopping by! As always I’m CryptoJ with I hope you all had a happy holiday season and a great start to 2020!