May 19, 2022


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Monday Market Update

Time to get back on track and continue with our Monday Updates!

BTC – Up overall for the week and back over the 8k mark with no real gains or loss today yet. Bitcoin starting to look bullish again.

LTC – Litecoin had a nice run-up from the $40 range now sitting at $50 a coin.

ETH – Now at $144 ETH seems to have followed suit with Bitcoin. Not much gain/loss over the last 24 hours.

BAT – Down a bit from yesterday and seems stuck just under 20cents. Hoping we see this utility token take back off soon but time will tell.

Biggest Gainers

FLG – 650%
ZAP – 516%
PLAT -273%
CUR – 170%

Biggest Losers

FCQ – 55%
IONC – 42%
DEX – 39%
DSC – 38%
GMB -34%

Bitcoin Dominance is at 68.1%