May 19, 2022


Cryptocurrency and Technology

Urgent Market Update

HOLY FUCK the market is in bull mode. Lets hit a few highlights real quick.


Normally I dont talk about BSV as I’m not a Craig wright fan but its up 73% right now! Its also oversold and its market cap is close to its volume. This is not a good sign and personally, if I held any, I would bail hard right now. Not financial advice do what you want, just my opinion.


Kickin ass also but only a few % up from yesterday. The market is in bull mode for the moment! Let’s hope it lasts.

General Market

The overall market is up around 10% today so chances are if you hodl crypto of any kind you made money today. Take profits, be humble and enjoy the spike because as we all know it could drop at any moment! Personally, I hope the rocket is just starting to take off but we have been fooled before so time will tell as always!