May 19, 2022


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Campfire Blog #8 – Welcome to Season 2

Posted on the Crypto Campfire Blog

Hello all! We are back with Season 2 of the Crypto Campfire Podcast and things are ramping off faster than our humble blogger can keep up. With that said to expect a special weekend update that will catch you up past this point. Let’s break it down!

EP 65 – Planting Seeds can be both literal and figurative. In this episode, we get to hear from Blake Chamness of Dash Farms and how he used Dash to start the Dash Farm project. It’s always interesting to hear from people finding ways to incorporate crypto into their other passions. Of course, you know they also discuss seed cards. How could you not? Planting both literal and figurative seeds go hand in hand! Blake has a very laid back vibe and is a great episode to enjoy a beer and chill to! (Beer or other substance that may or may not be legal in your state/country).

Ep. 66 features Coygo Co-Founders Evan Francis & Dorian Kersch. This is definitely a nerd cast! We get to hear from two top-level programs who helped develop software like Jira and Confluence (2 programs we use in the IT department I work in) and how they took their love of crypto and combined it with their love of programming. They created a program that is similar to blockfolio but allows you to not only track your trades and trends but also place trades right from the app through API keys. One thing I found interesting which screams these guys get it is the API keys are stored on your hard drive and nowhere else. This means when you interact with their app they have no knowledge of the trades you are making or access to any of your exchange accounts since no data is stored on their servers. We also get a little fun inside into drunken sports and their thoughts on Crypto Influencer vs Crypto Advocate. What do you think? Let us know on Twitter!As always im Crypto J with and thanks for stopping by!